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First of all, so all of you know who I am, my name is Josh Bryan. I am the webmaster of Punisher and I will take this article to tell you my thoughts on the whole thing and the so called peace keepers.

Second of all, I am not going to sit here and say that I hope this article I am writing does not offend anyone. Because personally I hope it does offend someone. Just the other day I was sitting in the lunch room of the Community College that I go to. And of course the college television network was on. They were doing a section on the recent protest in Washington D.C. and through out the nation of people, so called, AMERICA PEOPLE, wanting peace.

My main thoughts of the people that are protesting in the nation's capital about wanting peace and not war. Are that they are scared little cowards. They are little peons in this whole world. Not as small as the COWARDS who did such a foul act on our nation but close enough. They walked through the streets burning the American Flag and chanting "peace, not war" why not chant something more realistic "WAR, NOT PEACE". This country has tried to united the whole world under peace and you see the thanks that we get for doing so. NOTHING, except two great things, two things that are symbols of OUR economy. I believe that all of those peons, as I called them, are scared. They are scared that this may carry over to a World War III. Do I think it will be WWIII? No, it is going to be quick and simple. We will send in our special forces such as the Green Berrets, Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, etc. God Bless their Souls but they are going to die for our country. I believe that everyone of those peons out there protesting is scared that if WWIII does come around that they will reinstate the draft. And if they do then those guys out there protesting will be going to war. And they are scared out of their damn minds. They fear that they will be going to Afghanistan to fight and will get shot in the ass.

Personally, I want to go, but do to my size. All of you who know me, know I am a big guy. Not huge but big, need to lose about 40 pounds or so to meet the physical. If they reinstate the draft I hope my number is on TOP. I can sit infront of all the protesters in name off over 6,000+ reasons why we need WAR. I broke down and cried the day the tragedy struck. And then seeing those people protest against our beloved country that made me almost cry as well.

See that way I see it is this. If people in this country, such as the protesters, don't like the way the government handles things then why do they live here anyway. If they believe it will be better somewhere else. Then get the FUCK out of my country. I say all the protesters we should just go and send to Afghanistan to live. Then they will know about a shitty government.

On a final note, if this offended anyone, GOOD!!! Because personally, whatever color, religion, sex, or anything else for that matter you are. You are cool in my book. But as of right now, IF I SEE ANYONE BURN A FLAG INFRONT OF MY FACE!!! I WILL BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF THEM!!!


Sincerely Yours,

Josh "The Punisher" Bryan

P.S. bin Laden U GUNNA DIE HONKEY!!!!!