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Punisher Video Games

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The Punisher has been on many different platforms. He start of in the Arcade as the same for many video games. He then moved onto the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). He was also on Sega Gensis and Nintendo's hand held gaming console, Game Boy.

Nintendo Game Boy
It all starts with a hostage-situation at a shopping-mall, and who knows where it all will end? Free the hostages with the help of Spider-Man, but you won't always have a sidekick with you.

Nintendo Entertainment System
Fight many of the Punisher's well-known enemies, like Jigsaw and Hitman (and some not so well known like Kliegg(?)). And don't forget the scum you meet underway either.

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Play with either Frank Castle or Nick Fury (or both is you have a friend with you), and fight your way up to topple the Kingpin. Use several (machine-)guns, but also knifes, battle-axes, baseball-bats or just your hands. Non-stop action on the streets, in busses, houses, trains and many more locations.

This is the same game as the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game, only with more detail, better sound, better graphics, better everything. But you need a much better system too.